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Not much has changed since I last updated the site. 

'The Senior' started her senior year of high school in August and turned 17 in September.  I'm speechless, time goes way too fast! 

'The Freshman' turned 14 in July and started her freshman year of high school in August. Gack!  I have two teens in the house. :)

'Miss Crazy' turned six on August 10th and is now in 1st grade!  She is now a veteran at this school thing :)

'Mr. Insane' turned 5 on the 7th of November and is doing great.  He is a wild and crazy boy!!!! We had a rough year with him but it is getting better because we figured out that it was his allergy medicine (Singulair) that was making him act like a lunatic.  He is off of it now and starting to recover.  We may need some re training of the behaviors he learned but I think things will be just fine.

'Little Butt' .will be turning 2 on February 10th and I think she has changed the most.  She went from being an itty bitty baby to being an active, babbling toddler. 

We were lucky enough to go on a cruise to Alaska with family this summer and had a wonderful time.  If I could move there, I a heartbeat.  Alaska is my happy place :)

I'm slowly being able to get back to my writing.  Most of it right now is the blog I have started.  It is all about my adventures as a housewife and mom while being physically 'damaged'.

I also started a facebook page in support of the blog.  I sure hope you will visit, like and share the page with your friends.