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I had been having blood pressure problems for most of my pregnancy and in my 34th week, things started to get worse.  We were trying to hold on until I was 36 1/2 weeks pregnant.  On the day I hit that milestone, I felt like something was wrong and I felt contractions so I went to the local grocery store to take my blood pressure.  One call to my doctors office and I was in the hospital hooked up to monitors.  Dr. Hansen came in and said "you're having this baby today!"  I was so excited.  

They induced labor with Pitocin and tried to break my water but couldn't.  The pitocin started to work and I could feel the contractions coming harder.  They were finally able to break my water and I almost flooded the room.  The baby's heartbeat kept going a little crazy so they reduced the pitocin to slow the labor a bit.  But in the end, her heartbeat was still bad and I wasn't dialating fast enough so it was C-section time.  I wasn't really scared, I was more excited that I would be seeing my baby within the next 45 minutes!!! My husband and daughters were in the cafeteria when they decided to do the c-section so the nurse went to get them and they had to hurry to finish their dinner.  They took me into the operating room and administered the spinal (the anesthesiologist was so cute!!!) and I was almost instantly numb.  My husband came in and held my hand and before I even new they had begun, they were telling me to look at my sweet baby girl.  I could barely open my eyes, but I saw that she looked more like my side of the family.  

They weighed her and she was 6 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches long. (What a shock for me- my other girls were 8lb 9oz and 10 pounds) They let Tim carry her out of the OR to the waiting bassinet and her big sisters.  I was able to say hi and giver her a kiss before they left.  I still could barely open my eyes, and the next thing I knew, I was in the recovery room.  It seemed like forever before they took me to my room.  I was able to see my sweet little girl as I was rolled by the nursery.  I was relieved to see that although she was 3 1/2 weeks early, she was bright pink.  They had her on a low level of oxygen and she was said to be doing well.  Tim and the girls kept an eye on her. Now the fun began.  They were having trouble getting a blood pressure reading on me and when they finally got one, it was high so they gave me my blood pressure medication.  Well, as it turns out the high reading was wrong and my blood pressure dropped really low.  It was so scary.  I was dizzy and sick to my stomach.  Finally they realized the problem and gave me a rush of IV fluids and my pressure evened out.  

Finally Olivia was stable enough to come see me.  She was off of Oxygen and so beautiful.  I just held her and held her.  I didn't want to ever let her go.  She stayed with me off and on that night. We did a lot of napping together.  The next day I sent my husband off to work and the girls came and hung out at the hospital with me and the baby.  We had a great time.  I had trouble getting up and walking because of an intestinal problem, but I was finally able to do it.  The next day was spent getting out of bed and walking and getting ready to go home.  That evening, we all went home together a new family of 5. Not only did I now have 3 wonderful daughters, I also was 35 pounds lighter than I had been the day Olivia was conceived!



I was feeling very miserable toward the end of my pregnancy and couldn't wait to give birth.  But wouldn't you know it, the little bugger wanted to be six days late. I wanted to try a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean.  They don't usually like to induce, but they decided to do a mild inducement on Wednesday November 7, 2007. Everything started off slow and they had to wait to rev up the inducement until an operating room became available just in case something went wrong with the VBAC.  Finally at about one o'clock Dr. Hansen came in and broke my water.  It didn't take long for the contractions to become regular and painful.  Finally at about four o'clock, I was very uncomfortable and only 4 cm dialated, but that was enough for an epidural.  I noticed that the epidural wasn't really working and at about six o'clock, they tweaked it a bit and it still didn't work.  At about seven o'clock they checked me and I was dialated to a nine and they called the doctor.  By the time he got there, I was ready to push.  I pushed three times and there he was, my first baby boy, born at 7:34 p.m.He had a bowel movement in utero so they suctioned him out really well and I was able to feed him rather quickly.  Then they took him to the nursery to measure and weigh him where he measured in at 8 lb 15 oz and 21 1/4 inches long. I was so happy to have succeeded at having my vbac.  What a joy the whole process wasTrenton went home the next day and we were a family of 6.      


Well, after a horrible pregnancy I couldn't wait for it to be over. I started to have contractions but they just wouldn't be steady or super painful on a regular basis. I kept hoping that any day they would turn bad and I could labor at home and go in at the last minute and get my VBAC. (My hospital has a defacto ban on VBAC's) But alas it wasn't meant to be. I had been having vascular problems throughout the pregnancy - increased migraines etc. so I was worried about having a stroke and was at increased risk for it. My due date was the 22 of February but these contractions had started around the seventh. That was okay with me. I was technically full term and wanted my baby now!!! Well on the ninth I woke up feeling weird and took my blood pressure and sure enough it was high. I called my doctor and she had me go in for blood and a 24 hour urine test. I was told to rest and take it easy until results came back. On the tenth I went into the Dr.'s office and I hadn't progressed any at all I was still 2 cm dilated and 50 percent effaced. The doctor wanted to go ahead with a c section if my tests came back bad and although I wanted a VBAC I agreed. My fear of a stroke was more than my fear of a repeat c section. And sure enough the test results were far from good. I had developed pre-eclampsia. Right then and there I went to the hospital to be prepped for my surgery. I was so excited! My little girl would be here within two hours and I wouldn't be sick anymore!!!!!!!!!!So the Dr. Met me at the hospital and I was prepped for surgery. I was scared shitless to say the least because I had trouble with anesthesia. The anesthesiologist was great and assured me that this time would be better than last. So my wonderful husband came into the OR and the surgery began. My shoulders cramped and it felt like I couldn't breat and I was crying and having a panic attack. But once my shoulders stopped cramping I was fine and within minutes my little girl was pulled out screaming. I was so happy that the tears started flowing again. My husband Tim went off with the baby while the doctor performed a tubal ligation so I couldn't have more kids (DID I REALLY NEED MORE? I ALREADY HAVE FIVE. LOL)Before I knew it (The surgical staff was great keeping me involved and talking) I was in recovery and everything was going great. I hadn't been told how big my girl was even though I had seen and kissed her. Come to find out that Lillian Marie was 7 lb 15 3/4 oz. and 20 1/4 inches long. And she was healthy and doing great hanging with daddy and the nurses in the nursery. And again, before I knew it I was in my room and my husband walked in with my sweet little girl. I breastfed her and snuggled for awhile. The rest of the night was basically lots of medication, blood pressure checks and feeding a sweet little girl who was desperately looking for more milk than I had. LOLThe next day (the 11th was pretty much the same as the night of the tenth except for getting up and walking and showering. (This section was so much easier than my first and I was able to walk without falling over in pain) Because of my blood pressure I had to stay in the hospital until the 13th. Baby and I were both glad to get home though. I had missed my other kids and wanted my own bed. Baby was happy because my milk came in just hours before leaving the hospital. :D