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 I am 42 years old and the mother of four beautiful girls and one handsome boy. We live in Central Wyoming cold country but are from Southern Nevada.  Not sure which extreme we like best - freezing cold or blistering heat. LOL  

My job now is being a wife and mom but I hope to get back into writing when Lillian is out of the needy baby stage.  (She is my last baby and I think I will kinda miss that stage for awhile. :)  ) I am also physically limited in what I do with bad hips, a bad back, a bad foot and chronic sinus/dizziness/migraine problems.

Some of my favorite things are: 

Favorite Movies - Star Wars, Comedy, Action Adventure. As you can see I'm not too picky about movies.  If it has a story I like then I am pretty easy to please. 

Favorite Music - 80's Music, Metal, Rock, Pop. Alice Cooper is one of my favorites as is Peter Cetera - Yep, Eclectic. :D 

What I am reading, Listening to and watching right now - 

Janet Evanovich, Mysteries, Romance, Comedy 

Music listed above plus Katy Perry (Lillian loves it!) and Poets of the Fall. 

I watch pretty much nothing but kids shows. LOL however I love Criminal Minds and True Blood. 

My Wonderful Kids - Livy, Bella, Trent, Lily and Gwen